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Julie and Vinnie are from Michigan but they’re always been captivated by the Pacific Northwest (and our family can certainly relate to that.)  Julie contacted me about creating a romantic elopement film for her and Vinnie to show at their reception back home in Michigan. It’s always fun to get to collaborate with couples beyond just the wedding day. Vinnie is a talented photographer so he sent me a bunch of photos of them adventuring around Washington and I got to include those in their final film.








If you’re planning a Washington elopement and haven’t already checked out Treehouse Point, you definitely should. It feels like such a quiet, secluded spot even though it’s not very far away from civilization and is super easy to get to. And the Treehouses are super cool! At first I guess I just assumed “Treehouse Point” was just a quaint and classy name, not that there were actual treehouses everywhere. Ha!  Connected with rope bridges and everything. It felt like a cross between Tolkien’s middle earth and the forest moon of Endor (minor nerd alert…)



Shooting elopement films is always an extra challenge because we have to capture all of the important moments and get plenty of great shots in a fraction of the time. Julie and Vinnie were great sports and super cute and giggly together, so we had a great time and got lots of fun footage. I probably had them walk back and forth through a certain shaft of sunlight about 10 times, but it was totally worth it! Elopement films are a lot of fun, and, like Julie and Vinnie did, they’re great to be able to show all of your friends and family who weren’t able to be there on the wedding day.


Vendor Team:

Venue: treehousepoint.com

Photos: lumaweddings.com

Julie + Vinnie’s Highlight Film:



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