Coordination: Karli Jones, Ivory + Vine Event Co., @ivoryandvineeventco

Photography: Grant Daniels Photography, @grantdaniels

Venue: The Brooks at Weatherford, @thebrooksatweatherford

Hair + makeup: Natalia Issa, @nataliaissa

Band: IDT Band, @idtband

Cake: Whisk Until Sweet, @whiskuntilsweet

Flowers: Flourish Floral Design, @flourish.floraldesign

Dress: Dreamers & Lovers, @dreamersandlovers_


“Watched it three times and only cried the first two.” – Bride, upon seeing her + Ben’s Tennison Weddings film

“It is just all super cool and awesome.  Incredible work, both of y’all.  We are so thankful for that day and now the super special way to remember it.” -Groom, upon seeing his + Bonnie’s Tennison Weddings film


We are so excited to share Bonnie and Ben’s Tennison Weddings film with you.  This one is amazing, y’all.  Here’s why:

Film captures the tiny moments a photo cannot.  A photograph freezes a moment, but film keeps them alive.  A growing smile, a breeze passing through hair, the twirl of a dress, the laughter of dancing friends – these moments are beautiful, momentary, fleeting.  Film doesn’t miss them.  It seeks them out and holds them for you, forever.

Such is the case with Bonnie and Ben’s January 2018 celebration at The Brooks at Weatherford in Weatherford, Texas.  We are so grateful to have been entrusted by this fantastic couple to help tell the story of their day.

From their first date in September 2014, something bigger than either of them has been on their side.  They met on Tinder, after Ben somehow managed to slip past Bonnie’s dating “rules”.  Meanwhile, Bonnie was supposed to be moving to the Netherlands for work but her work visa was denied…twice.  Bonnie was Ben’s one and only Tinder date, and now she’s his one and only for life.

They share an obsession for budget travel, exploration and adventure – including those that support their ongoing hunt for the best cheese fries.  These things and more led to a January wedding day, about which Bonnie said “I look forward to seeing Ben at the end of the aisle and feeling like I’m home.”  Their Tennison Weddings film captured every extraordinary moment of that day.

We loved the opening moments of Bonnie and Ben’s film, with the gorgeous, open-air church awash in sunlight as Bonnie’s shares her vows with Ben.  And the view from the back of the church, taking us down the aisle to a Bonnie and Ben standing right of center, because Bonnie has crossed over to lean against her almost husband.

One of the ways in which we love to tell a story is through a montage of images, blended together with music that swells or softens according to where we are in the story. Shots of the empty church, close-ups of the greenery draped delicately over the wooden church pews and the steeple of the church against the blue sky are all details that help tell the story.  The same is true for the moment where Ben gently adjusts the handkerchief in his jacket pocket.  That handkerchief belonged to Bonnie’s maternal grandpa, Pop. Ben carried it for Bonnie on their wedding day, in case of happy tears.  It was embroidered with Pop’s most common expression…be good.

One of the things we love most about Bonnie and Ben’s film is how often Bonnie’s smile fills the screen.  You know what we’re talking about…that scrunched-up-eyes-wrinkled-nose-full-teeth smile that radiates the purest, deepest joy.  We never get tired of seeing that smile, Bonnie!

The dining room at The Brooks at Weatherford was captivating that night, and warm under the glow of twinkling lights and candles.  Handwritten notes were left on each and every plate, written by Bonnie and Ben for each and every guest reminding them of just how special they are to their lives.  We love the part of the film where you can see those personal messages being received.  Such a unique and thoughtful thing for Bonnie and Ben to include in their celebration.

When the vows have been made and the guests have been fed, there’s only one thing left to do – dance!  We love how film captures this part of the day – the hair-down, let-loose freedom that celebration inspires, as well as the smiles, laughs and movement only film can preserve.

Bonnie and Ben’s incredible day concluded with a sparkler send-off, as loved ones created a special sky full of stars for Bonnie and Ben to walk beneath, together, as husband and wife.  Congratulations Bonnie and Ben.  It was our honor to be included in your lives and your day and we wish you a lifetime of love, joy and the very best cheese fries this world has to offer.




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