Tida + Collin

     Wow, this one was quite an adventure. Tida and Collin had a full day of traditional Cambodian ceremonies followed by a huge party and reception on the waterfront at China Harbor Restaurant in Downtown Seattle. All told we spent 17 hours with this couple and their amazing families and we had such a great time. (Insert shout out/shameless plug for our friend BJ with Roman Video Productions who flew in from Dallas, TX to second shoot this wedding with me.)








     When we got to Tida’s parents’ hours early, early in the morning and saw Collin practicing his welcome speech (in Cambodian!) while getting suited up in traditional Cambodian wedding garb we knew this was going to be a cross cultural wedding film unlike any we’ve ever done. About 20% of our weddings each year are non-western/multicultural weddings and it’s always really refreshing to get to film something a little different than what we’re used to. Kind of like when you’re on vacation everything looks extra amazing and intriguing so you take photos of everything you see…we always see with fresh eyes and a different kind of creative lens when we film a rich and colorful southeast asian wedding, or traditional Indian or Persian ceremonies.



     But back to Collin and Tida! This really is a power couple. Collin had just passed the bar exam when we met him and Tida is a makeup artist and fashion and music photographer in Los Angeles. Their families blended so well and there was lots of smiling, nodding and non-Cambodian people being educated about the elaborate and entertaining Cambodian traditions and ceremonies. We love how much of a family event the Cambodian wedding day is. We have no idea how everyone was still partying and dancing 12 hours later when the band came on at China Harbor Restaurant, but it sure made for a fun and memorable Cambodian wedding film. Oh yeah, and Collin brought down the house with his welcome speech! Well done, brother 🙂


Vendor Team:

Reception Venue: chinaharborseattle.com

Photos: lenaigdelisleweddings.com

Tida + Collin’s Highlight Film:



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