Leesha + Michael

     There’s just something really cool and intriguing about a pop up wedding in the woods. I’ve filmed over 150 weddings and Leesha and Michael’s wedding was the first “gypsy style pop up wedding in the Olympic national forest” (as the couple first described it to me) we’d ever done. The wedding day had such a casual, natural, normal vibe about it, so having a rustic wedding with dark wood and greenery themed decor under a huge tree canopy by Lake Cushman was a perfect fit for Leesha and Mike.








     Side note: Leesha is an amazing wedding photographer. We’d actually followed and admired her for a while before we even moved to Washington, so we were beyond honored when she chose us to create her wedding video. AND we got to work with the (also amazing) Jordan Voth, which is always a pleasure. He and I both have a “pack light and keep it simple” approach to weddings, so he’s a breeze to work with.



     Between the ceremony and reception I got to sneak down to the water to film some really cool drone shots of Lake Cushman. Earlier in the day I was impressed with the dense, lush forest and beautiful tree canopy over the wedding ceremony site, but I had no idea how beautiful this lakefront wedding spot was until I got to launch the trusty Phantom 4 and film some scenics from 200 feet up or so. (Another sidenote: I blogged some advice about drones at weddings last month, in case you’re interested.)



     If you’re planning a wedding at a “non-venue” wedding venue like Leesha and Mike did, we’d love to film for you! Forests, castles, treehouses…we’ll be glad to join you wherever you end up 🙂

Leesha and Michael’s Highlight Film



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